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About JustOttawa, and How to become a Contributor

JustOttawa is a webpage newspaper featuring articles primarily by retirees and other friends living in Ottawa.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to showcase the writing talents of our contributors and to offer interesting reading. JustOttawa has no financial or editorial stake in what it publishes, since we are a volunteer, non-profit that welcomes opinions of all stripes.

We publish

Every few weeks we publish several new items which show up on the front page.  You can click on the contributor’s name in the column on the right of the front page and summaries of that author’s previous work appears.  Click on the title for the full article.

To keep up a good volume of published material, we are hoping that readers of JustOttawa will become contributors as well.

We hope you will think about it. A review of a restaurant, film, a holiday or whatever. Or a column on a subject close to your heart.  Think about adding some pictures.  Take a look at the material already on the website, it will give you some ideas.

Remember, JustOttawa is not looking for great works of literature, but just for material that would brighten the days of its readers.  We don’t plan to edit your material, but we will look it over to see if we think we might get sued.

Once you have written something the rest is easy.  Just email it as an attachment or simply in the text of your message to me at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would prefer the use of Word, but can normally manage with WordPerfect, and documents in RTF are easiest of all. Look forward to receiving your contributions. The pictures if any should be sent in separate emails.

All the best, Brian Northgrave

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