CHRETIEN DROPS IN By Chris Westdal (Article)

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    Chris Westdal

    I had a memorable little brush with our history the other day. I was a judge in the Winston Churchill Society’s high-school debate final round, held in the splendid new chamber of the Senate, housed for the next decade or so in Ottawa’s old main railway station, while Parliament Hill gets renovated. During a break in the proceedings, who should arrive - on what was supposed to be a private tour of the new facilities - but our Prime Minister from 26 to 16 years ago, the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien? We invited him in.

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     Pierre Beemans

    While much of my education about pop culture in the 21st c. is provided by my 12-year old grandson during our early morning walks with his dog, Canadian history is not one of our hotter topics . Recently, however, a passing question about the settlement of New France led me to dig around and discover several little known events in our national story.

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    PUBLIC AIR CARE By John Lang (Article)


    John Lang 

    Building on the success of the Canadian Health Care System, generally acknowledged to be the most perfectly designed and efficiently delivered social program ever devised, the Canadian Government announced that it will apply the same principles to air transport.

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