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SAME TIME, SAME STATION By Rick Kohler (article)



Rick Kohler

Same Time, Same Station

‘In my day,’ my mother used to say, ‘things were different’. Typically, she meant disapproval of today. I remember thinking a little despondently that the world I’d been born into must be was going to the dogs – in the 1920’s virtue and courtesy must have reigned.

CHAI IN THE SKY By Rick Kohler (Article)



Chai in the Sky

I once watched Jane Fonda interviewing the then Archbishop of Canterbury on BBC TV in the UK in the sixties.  She asked him a question that had always lingered in me: ‘why is Christianity the only true religion?’  His answer was sympathetic and seemingly open-minded – ‘I see value in Islam, in Judaism, in Hinduism and Buddhism’ he said, ‘but I believe the only true revelation of Christ is reflected in the Christian religion.’ 



The other day I was watching the preps for a football game on TV and caught sight of a player propped down on one knee on the sidelines. He mumbled to himself, made a sign of the cross, bounced up and jogged off perkily to join his team in a huddle.    I thought to myself, “How does God handle that? How many people are there on earth who say prayers, and how does He decide who gets what?”