John Schioler

The Table Vegetarian Restaurant, 1230 Wellington St.

We have been steady patrons of the Green Door for about twenty years when the original owners began in a private house in Ottawa East. Since then, we have been going to their vegetarian establishment on Main Street for our weekly fix, joining thousands of others that fill the place all evening long . We don't intend to stop this enjoyable habit, but we have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the veggie food at The Table in the West End.

The dishes are different, but just as tasty and healthy as at the Green Door at comparable ($18 kg) prices. They have hot dishes, salads and a good variety of desserts. I am surprised that given the quality of the food and the location in a fast growing residential area, The Table has never been close to capacity when we have gone either during the week or on Friday evening. The staff is attentive in clearing your plates.

No liquor.

The restaurant is at 1230 Wellington at Holland. Telephone 729 5973. Parking is at the back or on the street. Itis "sort of" wheelchair accessible-- I say that because I actually saw someone in a wheelchair manoeuvre through the double doors without anyone's help. It looked, however, that he was used to doing it and had a system.

Hours: 1100 to 2100 during the week and 1130 to 2100 on weekends.

John Schioler

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