ROUGE OU BLANC RESTAURANT - BYOB By Brian Northgrave (Review)


Brian Northgrave

B Restaurant Rouge ou Blanc, 325 Boulevard Greber in Gatineau (telephone: 243 9191) is the best BYOB restaurant in the Ottawa area that my wife and I have found.

We went there on Sept 1, 2005 on spec and found that the decor was elegant, the service excellent. We ordered the filet and shrip dish, and were impressed by the quality of the beef and how well it had been cooked to order. We had brought a chilled bottle of Pelee Island Premium Select Chardonnay (LCBO 00216044) that turned out even better than expected. Life was good.
The cost was $44 for the two entrees.
The waiter, Alejandro, told us the restaurant was going to try week-end buffets. We returned again to Rouge and Blanc with friends this week (November 2005) while the duck was excellent, the fries were not, and service was slow. Still, we'll try them again and hope they return to form.

Brian Northgrave

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