PHO MI BO GA RESTAURANT - By Ken Harley (Review)






Ken and Maxine Harley

PHO MI BO GA is a pleasant little Vietnamese Restaurant tucked in behind the parking lot for TUCSON's at the N.W. corner of Bank Street and South Hunt Club. It is hard to see if you are heading south on Bank, so just turn in to Tucson's parking lot and head for the small plaza at the rear of the lot. PHO MI BO GA is about in the middle of the plaza.

The surroundings are new, bright and clean and the service is very attentive and quick. We arrived about 11:45 for lunch, and the timing was perfect. By 12:15 the place was packed. The menu is typical Vietnamese, with some good vegetarian dishes, seafood and soups. Everything was served piping hot with a short waiting time.   And you can have a beer with it.

If you are shopping in the South Keys area and are not too keen on the typical deep fried fast food fare, PHO MI BO GA is a good alternative. Suggest you plan your visit before 12:00 or after 1:00 if don't want to wait for a seat. The tab for the two of us, with tip, was about $20.00.  You can check out their website here.

Bon Appetit!"

Ken Harley

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