MAISON BAGUETTE By Ken Harley (Review)




Ken and Maxine Harley


If you are looking for a cozy, reasonably priced place for a breakfast or lunch, try this newer bakery at 381 Montreal Road (corner of Alfred) in Vanier. Tel. (613) 321-6030.

It is located in a house built in 1907 on the north side of Montreal Road a block or two west of St. Laurent Blvd. There is a small parking area alongside the house on Alfred Street. Maxine and I have been dropping in from time to time since it opened about a year ago, and have always been pleased with the service and the food. The smell of freshly baked bread and buns right out of the oven is worth a visit itself!

The owner, Amos Mbenoun is originally from Douala, Cameroun. His original Maison Baguette was on Bank Street. It is still there under the same name, but under a different owner as a franchise. The Montreal Road bakery has recently expanded the restaurant space significantly.

In addition to the small tables as you enter the store, seating space now spreads over the entire front part of the house, and has a sitting area complete with chairs in front of a fireplace, where you can enjoy a coffee and croissant while scanning the available newspapers. There is a good choice of sweet and savoury buns, croissants or muffins for a light breakfast or mid-morning snack.

If you fancy something more substantial, you can order a small soup of the day along with a custom deli sandwich for around $5.00. On your way out, don’t forget to pick up a nice fresh baguette or two, or maybe a loaf of a one of a large variety of breads baked daily on the premises.


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