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Donald Savoie on Governing from the Centre

 There has been a good deal of comment on Stephen Harper’s obsession with command and control, and how the entire government apparatus is controlled in great detail by Harper from his prime ministerial office.

It was against this background that my ears perked up when I heard Donald Savoie interviewed on the CBC a couple of weeks ago. Savoie, as you probably know, was a senior public servant and then for many years a professor at the University of Ottawa. He is now Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance at the University of Moncton. He was on-air promoting his new book entitledWhat is Government Good At ? : A Canadian Answer. Amongst other things, this new book deals in considerable detail about the power in Canadian government gravitating inexorably to the office of Prime Minister.

MILLISLE B&B (MERRICKVILLE) By Bill Kilfoyle (Article)



Bill Kilfoyle

Mary and Derry Thompson are the hosts of this bed and breakfast located in a beautiful old home in the Village of Merrickville. I visited this place and started to write up a description of it. Then I thought I should check out the Janette Higgins Ontario Bed and Breakfast web site, and low and behold an excellent write up has already been done. It accords with my own observations of Millisle which I visited in January( 2005). If you need additional assurance about the Higgins’ web site you will be comforted to know that Adrienne Clarkson formerly of Toronto and more recently of Ottawa has said that the assessments of Janette Higgins are “totally dependable”. The Higgins web site is at www.bbontarion.com/millisle.cfm . If this doesn’t work just go to www.bbontarion.com and search for Merrickville.





Bill Kilfoyle

There are some things that should be passed on to your grandchildren - like the fun to be had in an afternoon of fishing. I’m thinking of kids, say 6 to 11 years old. I can still remember the first fish my daughter caught - and so can she!