SNOWBIRD TO FLORIDA BY CAR By Chips Filleul (Article)

 chips july 2017

 Chips Filleul

Contemplating a road trip to a destination in Florida, but who have never,or not recently, done it?  My credentials for offering information and suggestions are that for a number of years my family and I have regularly driven both ways- in the spring and again in the late fall.

From this you'll surmise that it suits us to go by road. Flying has some obvious attractions , but we've found there is a definite lure to travel without the need for reservations, tickets or haggling with car rental companies. Having one's own vehicle at the other end is a big cost reducer, to which I add the ability to load up the minivan with a surprising amount of stuff-including in my case three rangy hounds who hate being pushed into crates and confined in dark, threatening baggage holds.

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paul desbiens april 8 2018

Paul Desbiens


 Paul et Suzanne Desbiens entreprirent cette croisière une journée à l’avance avec un vol Ottawa-Miami via Toronto. Ils séjournèrent au Hampton Inn Miami/Brickell dans le centre de Miami, à proximité du Port de Miami. Paul invita son frère et belle-sœur qui vivent à Boynton Beach pour une belle soirée dans un restaurant italien au cœur de Brickell, un carrefour des gens du jet set. Le lendemain matin, Paul et Suzanne entreprirent une marche qui les mena le long des quais de Miami et pouvoir ainsi constater l’ampleur des développements immobiliers.

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Peter McNaughton

Several years ago, my wife Sandi overheard some women talking about a place in Florida one of them owned near Orlando which sounded interesting. We were going to be in the area so we decided to rent a place there for a couple of weeks to check it out. After two weeks we thought it was just too good to be true so we came back the next year. It wasn't too good to be true--in fact we now go there every year for six months (the maximum allowed by the U.S.) and it gets better every year. It's called The Villages and for the last few years it has ranked in the top three fastest growing communities in North America.

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MILLISLE B&B (MERRICKVILLE) By Bill Kilfoyle (Article)



Bill Kilfoyle

Mary and Derry Thompson are the hosts of this bed and breakfast located in a beautiful old home in the Village of Merrickville. I visited this place and started to write up a description of it. Then I thought I should check out the Janette Higgins Ontario Bed and Breakfast web site, and low and behold an excellent write up has already been done. It accords with my own observations of Millisle which I visited in January( 2005). If you need additional assurance about the Higgins’ web site you will be comforted to know that Adrienne Clarkson formerly of Toronto and more recently of Ottawa has said that the assessments of Janette Higgins are “totally dependable”. The Higgins web site is at . If this doesn’t work just go to and search for Merrickville.

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LETTER FROM ITALY - By John Durley (Article)

john d dec17 

John Durley

It all began when my wife received word that her request for a leave of absence had been approved. Our next step was to decide where in Europe to spend the time available.
We were in the process of signing up with a house exchange agency when a friend put us in touch with the owner of a house in NW Tuscany, Italy. After a brief exchange of e-mails, we agreed to rent it for 3 months.

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David Horley

The instructor told me to stand at the beginning of the downward slope.At the word "Go !" I began to jog forward. Lo, about the 5th or 6th step,my foot no longer touched the ground !

No, I had not learned to levitate at my advanced age. No, I had not joined the company of winged angels - which would be unexpected and certainly unmerited.

Instead, I was hang-gliding. Wow !!

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TITICACA TO RIVER PLATE By Pierre Beemans (Article)

pierres photo

Pierre Beemans

Towards the middle of January we had finished off the last of the Christmas turkey leftovers, we were into our fourth straight week of daytime highs below -10C and we had moved well beyond our saturation point for breathless CBC reports and righteous Citizen headlines about the sponsorship scandal. Isn't it summertime in South America, I asked my wife, Isn't it about time we visited the family in Bolivia and, while we are down there, looked in on some of our old friends in Uruguay?

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CHEMIN DE SAN JACQUES By David Horley (Article)


David Horley

Would you like to hike along one of the routes used by European pilgrims for hundreds of years ? Starting at various points in Europe, pilgrims made their way to a city in northwest Spain called, appropriately, Santiago de Compostela. Third only to Jerusalem and Rome as a pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages, this city is the place where one of Christ’s disciples, St James, is supposed to have launched Christianity in Spain.

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HOLIDAY IN COSTA RICA By Tim Williams (Article)


tw and g.jpg

March 17, 2006







Tim and Gloria Williams


We did not know Costa Rica, but having bought three guide books five years ago, we felt obliged to spend several thousands now to make use of them - a classic case, perhaps, of “penny-wise, pound foolish”. What follows is a first-blush account, subjective but unvarnished, of the resulting three weeks in the Flamingo Beach area of the north-western province of Guanacaste. The time was January 21 to February 11, 2006.

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