TEN THOUGHTS ON...IMMIGRATION By John Schioler (Article)


John Schioler

1. Immigration has been one of the central building blocks of this country and should be encouraged.

2. Immigration policy is so important that it should be freely and publicly discussed, including during election campaigns. (We have never had such a debate.)

3. Canadians and their governments have the right to decide on all facets of immigration policy and practice consistent with international treaties and agreements.

4. Immigration numbers should vary according to the absorptive capacity of the economy and society. Setting a percentage figure without assessment makes no sense.)

5. Race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion and gender should not be factors in selection.

6.By the same token, potential immigrants should be left in no doubt about Canadian laws, norms and practices

7. Provincial responsibilities should be taken into account in establishing immigration numbers.

8. Emphasis should be placed on the potential contribution that the immigrant can make to Canada

9. Procedures should be urgently developed to ensure that highly qualified newcomers can be absorbed quickly.

10. Due regard should be given to family re-unification, with attention to the definition of "family".

11. Immigration laws and regulations should be strictly and expeditiously, but fairly, enforced. A reasonable appeal process is essential.

12. Finally, and most important of all, the number and class of immigrants accepted should closely reflect the amount of money and number of persons allocated by all governments to carry out their policies and programmes.

.(Incidentally immigration policy should not be confused with refugee policy which is subject to separate international obligations and many different policies and rules.)
I have no particular expertise in this field. My interest comes from the fact that I am the child of Danish immigrants and am trying at the moment to join four million other Canadians who enjoy dual citizenship.

John Schioler

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