Jim Elliott and Joan Ann

Earstwhile diplomat and former bon vivant, James Eliott was, in fact, one of the earliest targets of the federal anti-raconteuring legislation in his native land and has had a following of sorts in many of the foreign countries in which he was able to make himself even partially understood.

Retired from a long career of service to a not particularly grateful nation which preferred his service at a distance, Jim divides his time between Ottawa and his Southern or winter home.

He is fond of eating, drinking, sedentary pursuits and gentle mental exercise. Reading and TV-watching stretch his capacities, and he occasionally ventures into crossword-puzzle solving and even to historical novels.

He is conversant with several foreign and Canadian
tongues although fluent in far fewer.

He was an early pioneer in the field of drive-by tourism, and loves travelling in comfort.

An ordained clergy-person he is available for non-sectarian ceremonies in any jurisdiction which may accept his instantaneous, over the internet credentials. He would not baulk at same-sex ceremonies, but would not get involved with anything inter-species or involving large groups.

His philosophical investigations involve a possibly unique combination of idle curiosity and lethargy tending almost to inertia.

Jim Elliott

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