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GOLFING THE ROYAL COURSES By Global Golfer (Article)


stockwell july 2017

David Stockwell

Playing the "Royals"
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Actually there are no "Royal" golf courses because the right to use the
prefix "Royal" is granted by the British Monarch to golf societies (2:
Perth and Burgess in Scotland) and to golf clubs (64) not to golf
courses. Two of these 66 play on municipal courses and the most
famous, the Royal & Ancient, uses the Old Course for most of its

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Bill Kilfoyle

There are some things that should be passed on to your grandchildren - like the fun to be had in an afternoon of fishing. I’m thinking of kids, say 6 to 11 years old. I can still remember the first fish my daughter caught - and so can she!

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SURVIVAL IN BOLIVIA By Jack Derksen (Article)

Jack D july 2017 copy

Jack Derksen


For some years Santa Cruz motorists using the 4th ring road have had to cross a major canal on a narrow, dirt covered provisional bridge. Two lanes of traffic crossing a one lane bridge leads to complications.

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 John Lang

p> While at UBC in the early 60s I spent my summers as an employee of the Standard Oil Company. In those pre-self-service days, every car that drove into a Standard Oil gas station had its windshield washed, tire pressure checked, under-the-hood examined. We wore white uniforms, including a wedge cap. As a part-timer, my job was mostly at the front end, serving customers at the pumps, but I also did my fair share of lube jobs, tire repairs, lot sweeping and rest-room cleaning. I was a ‘floater’, assigned to stations in the Vancouver area as needed, and thus had the opportunity to meet most of the full-time employees in Standard’s Vancouver gas station empire. They were a fine lot of fellows, generous, hard-working, helpful and funny. I often think of them and wonder what became of them.

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WRESTLING THE HURRICANE By Jim Midwinter (Article)

Jim Midwinter


The voyage began auspiciously enough, even joyously: my birthday, my last day in the Public Service of Canada, and my last day as ambassador to Venezuela. We (my wife, Sally, and 1) had a glorious send-off from the elegant Caraballeda Yacht Club where we had been privileged to be honourary members during our tour of duty in that South American republic. A spirited gathering of staff and other friends; then, as prearranged, we cast off just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

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ALL RHODES LEAD TO ROME By Roger Lucy (Article)

Roger Lucy

All Rhodes Lead to Rome - a Middle Power’s Course Through a Uni-polar World

The following is an object lesson to what happens to smaller states that wittingly or not ruffle the feathers of the super-power of the day.

In the mid-second century BC, the Greek historian Polybius, an enforced guest of the Romans, chronicled how, in the space of half a century, Rome came to dominate the Oekumenie, the known world.

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